Little Tings Dumplings


I absolutely love Seattle for its variety of foods and different neighborhoods that invite you to a new place. Recently, Little Tings Dumplings located in Greenwood received raving reviews in the Seattle Times for their hot and juicy dumplings. I made the visit this past weekend and wasn’t disappointed! 

They offer a variety of dishes from pancakes, to soups, to pan fried or boiled dumplings. I’m a dumpling lover so I tried the pork pan fried dumplings, a pork boiled dumpling, and green onion pancakes. They don’t come with dipping sauces but the table houses two vinegars and some child sauce so you can make your own concoction which I may have liked even better. One of the vinegars had a garlicy flavoring (which I obsessed over) and with a bit of the chile spice, it made the perfect medley to drown your dumplings in. 

The dumplings are what I came for and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the pan fried their dumplings on a layer of rice paper which added a bit of a crunchy texture. I wish the steamed ones had some type of garnish to add more dimension and texture to the dish but I did enjoy how flavorful it was with the meat mix inside. 

All in all, I’m excited to come back and try the other dishes they have to offer! šŸ˜Š 


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