Passionate From Miles Away

For months now I’ve been in this rut where I didn’t what to do with my life and felt like I was moving in the wrong direction. I blamed my indecisiveness on having issues with commitment when in reality, I’ve just never been passionate about my career choice. I’ve cried and been angry for months just looking for the next time I can get out. The only two things I was sure of was that I was unhappy and needed a change. I woke up this morning and decided to cut the bullshit and just do what I’m truly passionate about. People change careers all the time and it’s never too late to find your happiness. Fuck allowing other peoples judgments or misunderstandings dictate your decision. I realize this now and hope this lands in me the direction I want to go to be happy. Everyone has a different path, there are so many roads in life you just never know when one will switch. Anyway, this is what trips to Kerry Park do to me. 


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