5 tips to deal with stress

The older I get, the more I come to realize that life truly is a balancing act and it doesn’t get easier from here. At 25, I’ve come across stresses both mentally and physically but over time, I’ve concocted ways on how to deal with stress and finding a routine that fits.

In between clients, meetings, commuting, cooking meals, having a social life, having down time gets pushed to the back burner. 10 hours of sleep never seems to be enough and my sanity and patiences gets thinned with every passing day. My to-do lists never seem to have an end and everything becomes a mind jumble and that’s when I start to lose it. Floating in this awkward middle space of transitioning career paths, summer travels, and moving home, I haven’t quite found my footing and finding my place seems to be an inner battle. But with all that being said, these are 5 exercises that have helped me become more well rounded through the midst of my stresses that I hope to keep up with!

  1. Taking vitamins. Life comes at you fast and you truly never know what problems can arise or are underlying that have yet to be discovered. I’ve made it a goal to put more conscious efforts into what I put in my body and making sure that I’m doing my best to create the best home for myself.
  2. Drinking water. This is something that is a struggle for me because I’m so picky with my water. But keeping a water bottle with me at all times really does help me hydrate and keep a consistent eye on my daily intake.
  3. Reading. This year I made a goal to read at least one book a month and I think this has been huge in exercising my brain muscle and expanding my vocabulary and wonder. It also helps me make the most of my time because I always carry it in my purse so I can pull it out when I’m waiting in line or if I have down time at work.
  4. Exercising. Working out has been a huuuuge challenge for me to keep up with and for a long time, I never thought I had the motivation until I found a good work out that actually kept me wanting to come back for more. I’ve started a 7 day Shaun T work out and everyday, I’ve been making sure I come home and put the 30 min of work out in it. It’s been 6 days and I’ve noticed a drastic change in my attitude and sleep. I realize now that I just never found a work out that interested me and didn’t feel like a chore until now.
  5. Writing things down. As someone who constantly forgets things, I find it extremely helpful to write in my bullet journal or on a whiteboard to just map out what my days and weeks will look like. It helps me keep less on my mind and more on the paper which I can always refer back to. I don’t know where I would be without my bullet journal and I love that I can create each page as I go. If I need a calendar, I have the space to do so but I can also flip the page and write a positive quote or random drawing.

Here’s to hopefully sticking with this and getting through these stressful times & I hope it helps you too!


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