Arashi Ramen 


I loooooooooove ramen!!! I can’t say that enough. Since I was young I used to eat those packets from the Asian store and my mom thought I was weird because I’d enjoy it. In her eyes it was the “poor persons food” but I couldn’t get enough. The older I got, the more I become appreciative of all Japanese foods including ramen. I’ve been on the hunt for some time looking for the best in Seattle and guess what, no need to look any further because I got em.

Arashi opened in Ballard within the past couple years and has expanded to 3 different locations. From the first bite of my spicy miso tonkotsu, I knew I found the one. It was incredibly different than anything else I’ve tried. It wasn’t overly saturated with salt, it wasn’t bland, it had just the right flavors and seasonings that it melted and didn’t overpower in anyway. 

I love the variety of foods they serve from their 10 different types of ramen, to their appetizers and 4 different rice bowls. I’m mad that I can’t eat more because even though I just had it for dinner, I’m drooling for more. 

Not only is the food A1, the service is unbeatable! The owner is such a welcoming and friendly man who can never do wrong!! On our first visit, the waitress made a mistake on one of the orders and we felt bad for sending it back but Ricky was so hospitable and kind and has become more of a friend than a ramen owner to us. We look forward to not just the food but the experience that we know we’ll get when we come to make the visit. 10/10 would recommend 


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