Henniversary Weekend Getaway

I know it may seem like my boyfriend and I have celebrated our anniversary a lot this month (& yeah, maybe we have) but it’s been so long since we’ve actually spent a weekend out of town, away from home, and simply just enjoyed each others company. We had been planning for weeks to get out and stay at this beautiful cabin on the lake in Bellingham, WA. Here are some pics from out amazing weekend!

Outfit details below!

Crop top: Forever 21

Pants: Breezy Striped Pants – $26.00

Initially, we wanted a cabin in the woods but after some time of searching for the perfect place, we stumbled upon this little fort that was by the lake. It was equipped with everything we needed–a comfy bed, a mini kitchenette, and our favorite: the french doors leading to the deck overlooking the beautiful lake! They had a huge backyard area and it was all such a dream!!

Although we spent a lot of time in bed watching Friends, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. We had lunch outside, cooked together, and walked around naked the whole weekend.

I wish this weekend didn’t end so quickly but we created such great memories and I eagerly look forward to our next trip together!


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